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Curious about the possibilities?

European Quality from India

Roosen India, active for more than 15 years from Kanpur and specialized in the supply of machined parts for third parties on the European market.

  • High repetitive quality
  • Serial production
  • Training and support from Roosen Netherlands
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Dutch Account management so no time zones or difficult communication

The Supply Chain is stable and (relatively) short due to periodic transports. Let yourself be surprised and ask us, without any obligation, about the possibilities for your products from India.

Roosen is currently building its own 5,000 m2 building in Kanpur. Construction will be ready in Q2-2021 and the machines will be moved here from a rented location.


Milling & Turning parts

The CNC milling machine rough cutting  the aluminum casting  parts by indexable  endmill tools. The automotive parts manufacturing process by machining center.

High Quality

Operator inspection dimension metal parts by CMM after machining process in industrial factory.

Have your products machined by us

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